Hearing loss: Sudden Hearing Loss – Causes and Treatment


Sudden deafness has a number of different causes. The most commonly be an underlying infection, such as a cold. This can cause blockage of the Eustachian Tube (passes between the middle ear and nose). It can also cause a build up of earwax in the inner ear. This wax can become setbacks in the ear canal blocking the path of sound waves travel to the brain. The result is a temporary loss of hearing or common muffled hearing. It is very simple thing to be treated and can be treated naturally without the use of antibiotics or steroids. It should not be treated with cotton swabs or other implement that you stick in the ear. This can make the problem worse by pushing the compacted ear wax further down the ear canal and can cause permanent damage. Have a look at the link at the end of the blog to find out how you should treat it.

Other causes of sudden hearing loss inner ear problems, such as Meniere’s disease (which is characterized by tinnitus and dizziness). Something becoming more common is noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). It can be caused by a loud bang, or listen to music that is too loud on headphones. If you work in a noisy environment it is advisable to wear ear protection. This is because the very noise of constant time can lead to permanent damage. A perforated ear drum may be the result of NIHL.

Ears are very sensitive and contain several small parts, each part has to work in harmony to hear to be good. These little things can easily be damaged and affected by things like toxins and foreign objects such as insects. Malnutrition can be very common, even in the West. This is because people eat too much of the wrong things and not enough of the nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy. Malnutrition can lead to small bones become degraded and not as efficient passing sound waves as they once where.

Many of these factors are readily reversible and can be treated naturally without having to resort to drugs, or in some cases surgery. There are also some natural prevention strategies you can take to stop hearing degrading website. These methods are nothing new and has been practiced for centuries. It’s just a matter of educating yourself and put what you learn into practice. Learning some few simple strategies can help you avoid day-to-day hazards that can affect hearing. They can also help to reverse the effects of hearing loss and restore it back to full working order.


Growing Winter Vegetable Garden in Austin


Those who live in Zone 9 planting area will be happy to know that the high summer temperatures bring unseen benefit – a long planting season. While most gardeners are tilling up their gardens before the first frost hits in October, most in Zone 9 will be able to start winter vegetable garden mid-month and harvest several months later.

Winter Vegetable Garden Preparation

Winter vegetables need a little foresight and extra attention. If you’ve never planted vegetables before it is probably a good idea to start an easier spring / summer garden. Winter gardening is considered by some to be very advanced, but in Zone 9 area it is actually very easy because there is no snowfall and winter temperatures are relatively mild.

The important thing to do is to keep your plants safe from the cold weather. You can use a cold frame to protect plants. It is constructed from PVC pipe frame with plastic greenhouses spread over the top. The cold frame can be put out when you know it is going to be a night frosts.

Choosing the Right Vegetables for Your Winter Garden

Salad vegetables are the most popular type to grow in your winter vegetable garden. Since salad vegetables have a short life cycle, they can usually be collected before of the really cold weather hits. Most winter salad vegetables can develop within 30 to 60 days of planting.

winter vegetables that do best are those that are grown in the ground or in the ground itself. This way they take up little ground temperature even on the coldest days. This means that low growing salad vegetables such as spinach, all kinds of lettuce and kale usually does pretty well in this growing season. The ground vegetables like carrots, beets and turnips are also a good choice. Potatoes are perfect for the winter vegetable gardens as well. Other options winter garden vegetables are broccoli, radishes, Brus Sell sprouts and peas. While not technically vegetables, strawberries can be grown this time of year.

Concern Winter vegetable garden

Timing is everything when it comes to caring for the winter vegetable garden. In Zone 9, there are a few less concerned than other areas have but there are things to watch out for. Most vegetables need to be planted after the temperature drops below 75 degrees. Look at the weather forecast to make sure you have gone through the hot weather for planting vegetables. Otherwise, you’ll have sun-burning plants against.

Once you have successfully grow plants from seed to grow, be sure to water them too much. Unlike some gardens that need a lot of water, not winter vegetables do not need quite as much as they should only be watered sparingly. Be sure to check the weather and avoid watering during the week where it is expected frost. Plants will be able to get enough water from the ground to survive.


Vegetarian – Become one easily and become healthier Quickly



Vegetarianism is a custom not to eat meat, including beef, poultry, fish or their by-products, with or without the use of dairy products or eggs.

But why would anyone want to become a vegetarian? You simply can it healthier, happier losing wieght and avoid disease.

health benefits of a vegetarian

The reasons may be religious or moral, economic or nutritional value, and his followers are different as to the strictness of observance.

Most Hindu and Buddhist sects are strict vegetarians, who are Seventh-day Adventists. In the United States today, vegetarianism has gained wide recognition that exercise lowers the risk one for the “diseases of the affluent,” such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers.

So it may be many reasons to become a vegetarian, but most agree, to lead healthier lives.

How to become a vegetarian

Just as there are many reasons for becoming a vegetarian, there are many ways to become one.

One can only eat fruits and vegetables, thus excluding animals meat fish or fowl and often butter, eggs and milk.

strict vegetarian or vegan diet (ie the one that excludes all animal products), nine essential amino acids that we need to be obtained by eating foods containing both cereals and legumes (such as beans or tofu) on several times a day.

Vitamin B12 and D (usually obtained by a meat diet) can be obtained through supplements or supplement a cup of nonfat milk or yogurt to your daily diet people. Ovo-vegetarians provide protein-protein with milk, cheese and eggs in their diet.

Being a vegetarian is not new

Historically, a vegetarian goes back to the beginning of time and indeed most of our ancestors did not eat meat very often, if at all.

Interestingly, vegetarians in used to be called “Pythagoreans” by the philosopher Pythagoras (6th century BC) and his followers.

They were strict vegetarians who ate no meat of any kind. These people followed a vegetarian diet for both nutritional and ethical reasons. The use of Roman poet Ovid that source, Pythagoras said: “As long as man continues to be the ruthless destroyer lower organisms he will never know health or peace as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other Actually .. He who sows the seed of murder and pain can not reap joy and love. “

Vegetarians live longer

As for the benefit to be a vegetarian, you can consider Hunzas tribe people who live near the Himalayas. These people are known to live for over 100 years old and have only vegetarian food. They are known to be healthy and free of illness all their lives. There are many other examples.

Vegetarians avoid disease

Most nutritionists believe that a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, but low (or no) animal fat and red meat offers numerous health benefits,. including a significantly lower risk of heart disease, cancer, kidney failure and stroke

The American Dietetic Association, the largest organization in the world of nutrition, said on its website

“vegetarian diets offer a number of nutritional among lower saturated fat, cholesterol, and animal protein as well as increased carbohydrates, fiber, magnesium, potassium, folate, and antioxidants such as vitamins C and E and phytochemicals.

Vegetarians are slim

Also, and of great interest to people who are interested in healthy living, vegetarians have been reported to have lower body mass indices than not vegetarians (ie they are thinner), as well as lower rates of death from coronary heart disease

vegetarians also show lower blood cholesterol levels; lower blood pressure; and lower rates of hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and prostate and colon cancer.

“The American Heart Association’s website says” Many studies have shown that vegetarians seem to have lower risk of obesity, coronary heart disease (which causes heart attack), high blood pressure, diabetes and some forms of cancer. Various studies have shown that breast milk vegetarian mother has significantly lower levels of pesticide residues than a non-vegetarian is.

Do vegetarians lose essential nutrients?

Criticisms of becoming (or being) a vegetarian is that you lose some important nutrients you need to stay healthy. It is true that some vegetable protein sources are lacking in one or more “essential” amino acid.

For example, Grains and nuts are low in lysine and legumes are low in methionine. While everyone should eat a variety of food (from 10 to 50 varieties of day) to ensure balanced nutrition, claimed the body for essential amino acids appears to be much less important than scientists once thought.

Vegetarians get all the protein and amino acids they need from eating normal variety of whole grains (such as whole wheat bread, oatmeal, and especially brown rice) and various beans, nuts and soy along with by-products tofu that, veggie burgers / sausages, and edamame etc.

Be healthy be happy being a vegetarian!

reasons can go and on, but it takes some effort to change the meat to a vegetarian diet. In part 2 of this article, we tell you how and safely eat your way to a healthier and happier life.


Clear Blocked Ears – Four ways to clean your ears Banned


If you have blocked ears or have been locked up your ears, you are aware how painful it is. I feel like someone stuffed wax in their ears until they could not fit any more. It is not just hard to hear, but usually also very annoying. Having locked up the ears is very painful, and the person who has them wants to open them as soon as possible. Read this article to find out how to go about clearing clogged ears on your own at home

Ear dam have many causes, including: a. Colds or allergies, a sinus infection, ear infection, air pressure changes (such as those in the plane), diving and getting water in your ears, and seriously deal earwax blockage. It usually disappears with time, but it can linger for a while, and it’s incredibly frustrating, but it’s there, so clear blocked ears on your own is a good idea

Here are some methods to clear blocked ears.

– The quickest way to clean up the closed ear is to swallow again and again. This action clears the sinuses a bit and reduces pressure. If it’s cold or allergy clogging up your ears, this is a good, quick method

-. Next method is also simple to implement. Yawn as much as you can manage, stretch your mouth as big as you can. This works the same way that makes swallowing, opening up the sinuses and relieve pressure. It is different from the first method, however, and can work in a swallow

-. If the first two methods are not successful, use a hot pad on the ear. This will both make your ear feel a little better and get rid of any water that may be in your ears. A hand blower will also work, but it does not feel as good

-. The final thing you can do is to use steam. Start very hot shower, fill the bathroom with steam, or put some water to boil, put water in a bowl and put his face over the bowl with a towel on his head, inhaling steam. If none of the methods have been successful in clearing blocked ears, no doubt, try this one.


Bananas: The Best Fruit Ever


Bananas, arguably the most prominent of all fruit because instead of coming from the tree like other fruits, it comes from large plants that are associated with orchid and lily family.

Bananas are a perfect part of anyone’s diet, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, one should meet the daily needs of people of five fruits and vegetables. It’s no wonder the banana is one of the most popular fruits in all of America. They provide a source of energy and they are available year round. Similar to other fruits and vegetables, bananas do not contain any sodium, fat, or cholesterol. With bananas being a part of a healthy diet, one may reduce the risk of certain types of cancer and heart disease.

Bananas are also a good source of potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, fiber and are rich in vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is important because a lack of it can cause insomnia, weakness and irritability. Potassium is important for helping muscles flex and bend properly during active work and it also reduces the chance of cramping up. Potassium can also help to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. It regulates blood pressure. The average-sized banana gets about 400 mg of potassium and contains 110 calories with 4 grams of fiber. On top of being easy to digest, they also contain many carbohydrates, one of the main sources of our energy.

Even those who get sugar cravings can be satisfied with bananas and great taste can substitute for unhealthy sweets such as candy bars and gum. Banana even provides it’s own wrapper with its peel, just like any other kind of tasty sweet. However, the difference is that it is healthy.

Bananas may also naturally help people overcome depression, as research shows that serotonin and norepinephrine in the banana.

Bananas are also great for children. There is a reason why bananas are often the first food that’s solid given to children. They are easy to digest because they do not have fat and not many babies are allergic to them. The taste is also great and the amount of energy provided is great for kids who are growing up.

Yellow bananas are selected for eating and green ones should be used for development or cooking. Ones with brown specks should be used to bake cookies, bread and muffins. As they ripen, the starch banana happens sugar, which makes them taste sweeter and sweeter. They are also great as a side dish for foods like cereal, salads, smoothies, shakes and yogurt.

Bananas should be stored at room temperature until they reach the ripeness that you prefer. When that happens, you can put them in your fridge for storage. Banana peel will get darker in the fridge but the banana itself will still be perfectly fine and good. One way to ripen bananas faster is to put them in a Brown Paper Bag overnight. It works well with other kinds of fruit too.


Tinnitus – Tinnitus


If you have tinnitus, the first question is probably, “Can anything be done about this ringing in the ears?” The answer is yes! Much can be done to help. But first you need to understand what it is.

Tinnitus is a phantom auditory perception. It’s a sound heard inside the ears or head when the sound does not track you. Tinnitus is often generated in the brain, but viewed as a hearing ear. People often refer to tinnitus as a ringing sound in the ears; but it can take many forms, including ringing, chirping, hissing, sizzling, whining sound, or like the sound of rushing air or humming power lines. It may be high pitched or low, soft or hard, fainting or noisy.

intensity or volume sound (sound pressure) is measured in decibels, abbreviated dB. Normal conversation usually measures between 40 and 50 dB. A home vacuum cleaner or alarm measures between 65 and 85 dB, coffee grinder 70-80 dB, a blender 80-90 dB, and garbage disposal around 85-95 dB. A tractor truck without a muffler, or a shouted conversation measure about 90 dB. Many people suffer from tinnitus evaluate noise inside their head between 20 and 40 dB, but this approach often 8 to 10 dB when measured with an audiometer. Some, however, experience tinnitus at 75 to 80 or even 90 dB. This strain may automatically vary from time to time, and in different environments. The majority of adults with normal hearing experience tinnitus individual, described as a high pitched ringing in your ears.

Tinnitus affects 20% of all men and one in three over the age of 60 years when individuals with normal hearing are placed in a soundproof chamber, 95% develop temporary tinnitus. We require external sound around us at all times. In the absence of external sound, the human auditory system and the brain create internal noise than looking to external sound. I personally lived with both auditory (sensitivity to loud noises) and tinnitus for several years. I sincerely hope that my personal experience of both conditions will benefit others greatly. I do not suffer anymore, and you do not either.

Certain types of tinnitus can be explained physiologically, so that when one of the tiny middle ear muscle spasms, vibration direct hearing in the middle ear. Or when the neck muscles contract open Eustachian tube, or when your temporomandibular joint (jaw joint) creates a pull or vibration of the eardrum phone. Have been reported abnormal skull base junction of vertebral cause tinnitus. Pulsation of the blood vessel is sometimes heard the head or ears. The most common and bothersome form of tinnitus, however, is known as modeling: Conceptual (only audible to the person,) Idiopathic (unexplained) Tinnitus

The curing tinnitus, you may ask, “Can. I get rid of this noise once and for all? “In the best of circumstances, it will go away completely. In the other, you can reduce the intensity of the music and train the brain to essentially ignore it. To know what the status is valid, you first need to determine the cause of ringing ears. Where do you start? Certainly not by going to a hearing aid dealer or family doctor, because neither is equipped to provide an adequate test of tinnitus. Start with a visit to a qualified otolaryngologist (ear, nose, throat specialist.) Some causes can be treated and relieved directly. For example, something as simple as an ear wax (Cerume) touch the eardrum can cause tinnitus.

Some medicines can ear ring, so simply stop offending agents will generally make the noise go away. In addition to getting a hearing test, called the audiogram, ENT doctor will likely perform further tests of auditory / vestibular your nerves called the eighth cranial nerves. These tests concern balance and hearing, where the two are closely linked. You doctor will probably order a CT scan or MRI of the head to visualize the inner ear and the surrounding areas of the brain, especially if you have tinnitus in only one ear. This study is to be sure you have a very rare and removing growth in the acoustic nerve. An acoustic emission sensor neuroma pain is a non-malignant tumors grow along the eighth cranial nerve. These tumors often cause tinnitus, hearing loss, and / or dizziness, and can be surgically removed. Meniere’s disease also causes tinnitus, hearing loss, dizziness, and is treated with medication and diet changes. In most cases, after the examination and tests provide very valuable information about what you are not, you will say that tinnitus is idiopathic (unknown cause) or it is the result of some previous exposure to noise damage the auditory nerve (s) or inner ear (s). The inner ear includes the cochlea, a snail-shell-shaped organ lined with sensitive “hair cells” that get the sound vibrations and convey impulses along acoustic nerve to the brain. Ears receive and transmit audio, but you actually hear that sound in the brain.

Inspection of expertise described here may never pass. After completing all the tests, however, be prepared to hear that nothing can be done for tinnitus phone. This is not right. You can say, “You just have to learn to live with it.”. Many ENT specialists are unfortunately ignorant of very effective treatments available today for tinnitus. They may be excellent, well-trained doctors and surgeons are able to correct complex hearing conditions, the training often glosses over conditions that can not be readily corrected by surgery or drugs. ENT doctor may have been taught that there was no effective action or medication for tinnitus, so patients just accept it.


Healthy Eating – 8 Easy & Effective Ways to change the Junk Food tastes


years before I began my journey in gaining weight loss with myself and my clients, I did not know much about healthy cooking and not as many vegetables that were not strong. Prepared / boxed / frozen / canned foods, and fast foods were my staples. Forget salads – did not have them growing up and did not like them! And I had the body to show it -. Size 13 and nearly 160 pounds

If this sounds like you and you think you can not change, or you’re not sure how to even try, take heart. I did it and so can you. Here are the success of my methods, along with some of my favorite resources recipes.

My uncle / aunt and uncles on my mom’s side of the family had always been very active, fit, and eating well (lots of vegetables & fruit, not a lot of sugar). I used to envy how much they looked and wondered how they would like vegetables and salad so much. I certainly did not get that “genes.” I always felt like I was fat, unhealthy side Lister family (my mom has struggled with her weight most of her life) and taught my “bad genes.”

It was not until I started working for hypnosis center 9 years ago I learned about healthy eating, ways to prepare – and enjoy -. healthy food, and started again my career as a health and weight loss coach (to lose and keep the £ 25 in the process) and stopped to teach DNA my

how I learned to eat healthy -. and you can also

One of my clients seem to struggle with is to find healthy recipes they want (and do not take time to prepare). I get the shoes, because I used to have this same struggle. Not only did I not like the taste of many foods, I worked about 60 hours a week and do not like to spend much time in the kitchen after a long day. I also usually grabbed lunch and ate at my desk. The pizza place one block was typical of my site (carbohydrates and potatoes selected fare).

When I began my quest for health, I had to learn new eating habits and incorporate even refused food in my diet. This obviously did not happen overnight and was not much trial-and-error. The same is going to be true for you, though you can speed up the process by using 8 Easy and effective strategies below to change your taste buds.

1. Find a healthy alternative to some of your favorite foods; sometimes that means just changing out one or two materials (such as replacing butter with olive oil; sugar with honey, stevia or xylitol, sour cream with plain yogurt). Other times there are completely different ways to spice up your old recipes, like change very fattening cheesecake with tofu cheesecake (trust me, it tastes much much better than it sounds and I’ve fooled a lot of people with tofu chocolate cheesecake my recipe).

2. Find new ways to cook fresh foods that are less fattening or nutrient-robbing. After the transition from canned vegetables to fresh or frozen, I had to learn to sail vegetables instead of boiling them. I got a steamer for Christmas about 8 years ago and would not be without one now (it also makes a great long-cooking rice, too).

3. Learn to season food with natural and low-fat / low-cal. Option as herbs (fresh or dried), garlic, olive oil (remember, only cold-pressed olive oil and unrefined nut / seed oils), curry, vinegar & reduction, etc. You can find a lot of resources in specialty cookbooks or online. Look for things like “cooking with herbs” or “healthy spices.”

4. Train your taste buds by having a small amount of some of the less desirable, but not breathable, the foods you want to be able to enjoy (for me, it was like broccoli, fresh green beans, tomatoes, salad and fish that they could ‘t come breaded sticks or fried). Your taste buds will get used to them over time (especially if you find some great spices). Now I really like (vs. resistant) these foods. If I – one of the pickiest eaters of all time – can do it, so can you (but I’m not sure I’ll ever get over mushroom phobia)

5 .. Mix less liked food with you do the same, so you do not taste like much. Also, be willing to try something new once in a while, especially if it’s cheap and you can mix it with other foods you want. This is how I learned to like broccoli, tomatoes, quinoa, brown rice, salad and many other foods.

6. Try new foods when you’re eating out in a restaurant (have a taste of something that someone else at the table ordered) or in someone’s house. If you want it, ask for the recipe (harder to get the recipe at the restaurant, but not impossible). The first time I tried Ceasar salad I absolutely loved it! It’s still my favorite (reduced fat dressing versions).

7. Try using “mental reconditioning” techniques, such as hypnosis, NLP or EFT to help change the perception and attitude about food. I have experienced it and so have my clients. You can find books, CD or YouTube videos for hypnosis or EFT to focus on this, or you can work with a professional trained in this technique.

8. Experiment with healthy recipes that have content you want when (or at least tolerate). Below are some good ways to get you started

Cookbooks OR BOOKS with good recipes :.

* Debrah’s Natural Gourmet Cookbook, Debrah Stark

* The Fat Flush Cookbook, Anne-Louise Gitta Leman

* Eat to Beat Cancer, J. Robert Hatherhill , PhD.

* Power Foods, Stephanie Beling, MD

* Flax for life, Jade Beutler

Website RESOURCES (more than just great recipes, have these pages full of useful information about food

http :. // freedomyou.com Click on the Recipes tab

http://www.omeganutrition.com Click on the Recipes tab

The Healthy Living page at msn dot com also has great recipes section.

Of course, there are many more out there. See what you can find to help you make the transition from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to the one that keeps you healthy, happy, energized, and cut!


Hearing – sensitivity to noise


hearing is bothersome condition associated with and often accompanied by tinnitus – ringing in the ears. Hearing is also commonly misunderstood lay people and doctors alike. It is often described as the perception of sound, or noise sensitivity. It literally means super hearing – perceive sounds and louder than it is. It represents a threshold comfort for sound, and is caused by changes in sound-processing system in the brain. Sometimes referred to as sensitive ears or tender ears, hearing indeed originate in the brain than in the ears. Perhaps the biggest problem sufferers experience is the fear of sounds – fear of loud sounds permanently damage their hearing. Examples of sound that can be painful to the ears with acoustic guitar, a passing truck on a city street, clanging dishes in a noisy restaurant, or booming sound in cinema. Even people who habitually speak loudly, or raise their voices heard in a noisy environment, such as a busy restaurant or at a party. The natural tendency is to seek silence-cute and comfortable silence. And what is the worst possible thing for these people? Sweet, comfortable silence.

Nerve cells in the brain need sound to function normally. They do not do well when idle, so if there is no sound to hear, they remember the first sound and then trying (poorly) to copy them-this causes tinnitus, a frequent companion of hearing. As many sensory perception, audio is read in conjunction with other sounds. If you have just listened to the loud recording or fireworks display and someone walks past the whistling song, you probably will not hear whistles at all. But if you wake up from a deep sleep in a silent room in the middle of the night, and the same Whistler walks past an open window, it seems so great that you could hear it from the block. Why happen? Due to the low sound results in increased sensitivity of hearing. For example, when you wear ear plugs to block out most sound, auditory system will be super attentive, literally looking for sound. Whatever gets through seems far louder than it really is. However, if you keep some background sounds around you at all times, such as a radio or CD player, or a waterfall or fountain, other sound will not seem nearly as loud or uncomfortable. The hearing system thrives best when performing its basic function to get external sound. The sounds of 75 dB or 80 that seem dangerously high or uncomfortable when you are hearing will not damage your ears. Prolonged or repeated exposure to noise above 85dB damages hearing who is, and levels above 140dB can cause permanent damage with a single exposure.

As with tinnitus, affects individuals must undergo through inspection by a qualified otolaryngologist (Ear, nose and throat specialist.) When this test is completed, many of the same treatment can be used that have proven effective for tinnitus. Drugs are rarely necessary, but Anxiety Relief Techniques® can be very effective. Remember that perfuse environment with sound because sound-rich background is essential. Play radio, CDs, listen to music or conversation on TV, or even buy the re-circulating fountain. It does not have to be loud, just a comfortable level. It is always a good idea to protect your ears with earplugs quality from very high or painful sound, but remove the earplugs for normal daily work and noise. Gradually increase the amount and level of sound around you and see how quickly you will improve. The biggest relief usually comes when you know that 1) there is nothing physically wrong with your ears, 2) normal audio will not damage your hearing, and 3) you have nothing to fear from this sound sensitivity.


Plan a healthy diet


We become what we eat. Everything we eat and drink affects how the body works and where the body’s needs vary at different stages of life, be our nutrition too. The connection between diet and health is clear. To grow properly and function normally, we need a complete range of nutrients, including carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, water as well as various vitamins and minerals.

Because our lifestyle or the type of work we do, many of us have not had much practice as we need. Excess food taken is stored in body fat, resulting in weight gain and potentially obesity. This in turn leads to various diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and joint problems.

Of course, the opposite is true, if we spend more energy than we take in, we will lose weight and this is the reasoning many weight loss diets. However, it comes under the weight of their own health problems and reduced life expectancy.

What is the best number of meals a day? There is no right or wrong answer to this question. The biological clock is all different and we all have different requirements of our plans. However, our bodies and minds need a constant supply of energy and nutrients throughout the day, so eat three balanced meals is the best way to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to have just two meals a day, make sure one of them is served and avoid eating heavy meals at night. Breakfast is the most important meal. It breaks the long overnight fast, help you wake up and get going. It stops you from feeling hungry later and helps you to be more alert in school or work.

For a quick and healthy breakfast have a bowl of whole grain cereal with fresh or dried fruit and milk (skimmed). If you have more time, make an omelet and eat a whole meal bread. If you must eat on the run, grab the piece fresh fruit such as bananas or apples, some nuts or seeds and yogurt.

Fruits and vegetables should form the basis of each diet. They should be your first choice for snacks and every meal should contain them. Vegetarians already be reaping the benefits of this nutritious food. Fruits and vegetables are fat-free and low in sodium. Evidences show that eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day can help prevent the development of heart disease and cancer.

Some foods that are highly valued for the health of their gifts and disease preventing qualities nutrient supply such as linseed (flax), curd, nuts, olive oil, oranges, pepper, pulses, oats, red grapes, spinach, tomatoes.


The Best Cleaning Vegetables


best cleaning vegetables will add the most nutrition, most fresh water vitamin / mineral with the least burden on the digestion. Even if all the vegetables are cleansing, some more cleaning properties than others. These properties are also dependent on how you eat your greens.

Most organic, raw, fresh vegetables will work with colon cleanse. This should be eaten on the day when the digestion is strongest. This will stimulate the cleaning process while strengthening the bodies ability to clean itself.

Eat fresh, organic vegetables lightly steamed will work wonders in the evening. When lightly cooked vegetables that are in their brightest in color, you will benefit from the vitamins and minerals. At the same time, these are easier to digest than raw vegetables, so eat them at night when digestion slows down will be beneficial for the people.

drink fresh vegetable juice can help many people with health issues. It will give the body the nutrients it needs to heal itself. Good quality juicer will push most of the nutrients from the vegetables and put them in the juice. As you drink your nutrients, you will be able to absorb all of them even if digestion is not in top form

Some of the best cleaning vegetables are these :.

  • Spinach which will provide the antioxidants needed to protect against carcinogenic toxins that may travel through your body on its way out while cleaning.
  • Carrots when eaten fresh and raw containing phytonutrient that protects against colon cancer. this is very important as many toxins pass through the colon during a colon cleanse. In addition, carrots contain cartenoids that can help control blood sugar -. Especially important while eating lighter while clearing
  • Celery juice is known to be one of the best refining vegetable juices. It helps to control and strengthen the heart but at the same time adding highly nutritious water vitamins / minerals in the diet.
  • Beet juice has gotten a bad rap because it contains large amounts of sugar vegetables. It is important to note that the body does not react to this in the same way it responds to table sugar. In fact, beet juice is one of the best strengtheners in the liver and kidney are major cleansing organs! This juice is also known to be effective in strengthening and healing of the cleaning process, even for those with Candida – and not worse Candida when used correctly. (Do not drink more than half a beet a day.)