Anxiety is notorious for plaguing the mind and body with a host of related symptoms. Out of all the physical anxiety symptoms, many consider ringing ears to be one of the worst. This is due to the unique way that anxiety and ringing ears work against each other to enhance other characteristics. The best way to stop this debilitating pattern is to understand how these two conditions are related and what possible treatments.

Anxiety Defined

Anxiety is a disease often linked to anxiety or fear of real or imagined danger. Short-term anxiety can be lifesaving to the parties before suddenly dangerous situation. However, because of the constant stress of modern life, many people experience a feeling of fear or fear all day, every day. At this point, the condition causes chronic emotional and physical symptoms like ringing ears that need to be treated.

Emotional symptoms include anxiety, difficulty concentrating, standing, irritability, blank mind, restlessness and see the worst. Sixty percent of people with panic disorder also have depression. There are hundreds of physical symptoms besides ringing ears associated with anxiety; these include headaches, pounding heart, sweating, fatigue, muscle spasms, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, insomnia and sexual dysfunction. While some anxiety is inevitable and even healthy, it is classified as a disorder when it can interfere with one’s life.

call Ears Defined

ringing ears, also known as tinnitus, refers not only ringtones, but also hissing, crackling, swishing, chirping and other sounds heard in one or both ears. This sound can be either intermittent or constant and variable degree pitch and volume. For some sufferers, these sounds loud enough to cause debilitating pain. In most cases, a person suffering from tinnitus is the only one who hears the sound, although in some cases, a doctor can hear the sound through a stethoscope.

The relation of anxiety and ringing ears

There is a strong correlation between anxiety and ringing ears. Constantly ringing in the ears, no matter what its cause, tend to create stress and anxiety. Anxiety then worsens ear ringtone causing a vicious and destructive cycle.

Not only does ringing ears cause anxiety, and anxiety can also cause ringing in the ears. One obvious reason for this is that many of the side effects associated with anxiety, such as high blood pressure, muscle tension, and muscle spasms, are known causes of tinnitus. These can affect the blood vessels or muscles located near the internal structures of the ear and cause ears ring. Increased ringing caused by these adverse events will increase the anxiety level of the individual, which in turn worsens the ringing, and the cycle continues.

Treatments anxiety connected Tinnitus

When treating a mixture of anxiety and ringing ears, it is best to address both issues simultaneously. If each issue is addressed regardless of the strong possibility sufferers will face an uphill battle. Fortunately, there are treatments available for both conditions.

  • Anxiety treatment depends on the severity. Self-help methods such as exercise or meditation may be appropriate for less severe forms of anxiety. If several symptoms of depression are present, should seek medical treatment. These treatments can be combined cognitive-behavioral therapy and medication.
  • A quick method to deal with tinnitus with white noise therapy. White Noise treatment masks call by providing background music to cover up call. Sounds conditioners that emit certain frequencies in the home are effective at camouflaging call.
  • Special stretches neck can fix this problem if muscle spasms are the cause.
  • implants electrical brain and nerve stimulation are also used to treat tinnitus. There are a number of drugs that have been approved for state and some herbal supplements and vitamins might help, too.
  • Hearing aids have also proved effective in some cases.

Finally, the combination of anxiety and ringing ears should not be ignored. Due to the cyclical component of anxiety and tinnitus worsen each other, it is important to treat both simultaneously. Since the number of anxiety and ringing ears treatments are available, there is no reason you can not find a treatment that will affect to reduce or prevent the ringing tone sound you hear.


October 16th, 2015

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