When you get a hearing aid, one of the steps that the expert will do is match up the appropriate type of equipment for your needs. One of the options he or she can evaluate is called the half shell devices. There are other options as well. However, not every option works for all patients. It is important for your doctor to take account of hearing needs as well as factors such as the amount of improvement and amplify sound you need. If this is the type that was recommended to you, realize that it might be a good choice.

How does it work?

The half shell is similar to other forms of hearing called in -the-Canal devices. These devices are custom molded to fit into the ear. Unlike other options, though, this will fit into the lower part of the ear. It fits well into the area that is more like a bowl shape. This is not in the ear canal as in-the-canal device. Rather, it is the outer part of the ear. If you do not do well with devices that go deeper into the ear for whatever reason, it may be an option that is available to you.

What are the benefits?

The half shell has some great benefits. First of all, it can help improve the loss of the ability to hear for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. This is significantly more than in-the-Canal model. If your ability to hear has deteriorated over time, this could be a good option for you. In addition, it is larger than the other models. This means that it may be easier for you to handle when you put it in and take it out.

Most will offer additional features that can improve your ability to hear well. For example, it can help you by having a volume control feature. Some also have a strategy microphone, which can significantly improve the sound quality. These devices fit well into the ears of most people. This means they are less likely to bother you immediately.

The disadvantages

The biggest and the only drawback of the half shell hearing is that it’s big. This means that other people are more likely to know that the device is available. It will be harder to hide this problem.

For many people, choosing the right tools is an important step in improving the ability to hear well and to function as they used to. A hearing aid is a good decision no matter if you get half shell or other type of device.


October 16th, 2015

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