Those who live in Zone 9 planting area will be happy to know that the high summer temperatures bring unseen benefit – a long planting season. While most gardeners are tilling up their gardens before the first frost hits in October, most in Zone 9 will be able to start winter vegetable garden mid-month and harvest several months later.

Winter Vegetable Garden Preparation

Winter vegetables need a little foresight and extra attention. If you’ve never planted vegetables before it is probably a good idea to start an easier spring / summer garden. Winter gardening is considered by some to be very advanced, but in Zone 9 area it is actually very easy because there is no snowfall and winter temperatures are relatively mild.

The important thing to do is to keep your plants safe from the cold weather. You can use a cold frame to protect plants. It is constructed from PVC pipe frame with plastic greenhouses spread over the top. The cold frame can be put out when you know it is going to be a night frosts.

Choosing the Right Vegetables for Your Winter Garden

Salad vegetables are the most popular type to grow in your winter vegetable garden. Since salad vegetables have a short life cycle, they can usually be collected before of the really cold weather hits. Most winter salad vegetables can develop within 30 to 60 days of planting.

winter vegetables that do best are those that are grown in the ground or in the ground itself. This way they take up little ground temperature even on the coldest days. This means that low growing salad vegetables such as spinach, all kinds of lettuce and kale usually does pretty well in this growing season. The ground vegetables like carrots, beets and turnips are also a good choice. Potatoes are perfect for the winter vegetable gardens as well. Other options winter garden vegetables are broccoli, radishes, Brus Sell sprouts and peas. While not technically vegetables, strawberries can be grown this time of year.

Concern Winter vegetable garden

Timing is everything when it comes to caring for the winter vegetable garden. In Zone 9, there are a few less concerned than other areas have but there are things to watch out for. Most vegetables need to be planted after the temperature drops below 75 degrees. Look at the weather forecast to make sure you have gone through the hot weather for planting vegetables. Otherwise, you’ll have sun-burning plants against.

Once you have successfully grow plants from seed to grow, be sure to water them too much. Unlike some gardens that need a lot of water, not winter vegetables do not need quite as much as they should only be watered sparingly. Be sure to check the weather and avoid watering during the week where it is expected frost. Plants will be able to get enough water from the ground to survive.


October 17th, 2015

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