years before I began my journey in gaining weight loss with myself and my clients, I did not know much about healthy cooking and not as many vegetables that were not strong. Prepared / boxed / frozen / canned foods, and fast foods were my staples. Forget salads – did not have them growing up and did not like them! And I had the body to show it -. Size 13 and nearly 160 pounds

If this sounds like you and you think you can not change, or you’re not sure how to even try, take heart. I did it and so can you. Here are the success of my methods, along with some of my favorite resources recipes.

My uncle / aunt and uncles on my mom’s side of the family had always been very active, fit, and eating well (lots of vegetables & fruit, not a lot of sugar). I used to envy how much they looked and wondered how they would like vegetables and salad so much. I certainly did not get that “genes.” I always felt like I was fat, unhealthy side Lister family (my mom has struggled with her weight most of her life) and taught my “bad genes.”

It was not until I started working for hypnosis center 9 years ago I learned about healthy eating, ways to prepare – and enjoy -. healthy food, and started again my career as a health and weight loss coach (to lose and keep the £ 25 in the process) and stopped to teach DNA my

how I learned to eat healthy -. and you can also

One of my clients seem to struggle with is to find healthy recipes they want (and do not take time to prepare). I get the shoes, because I used to have this same struggle. Not only did I not like the taste of many foods, I worked about 60 hours a week and do not like to spend much time in the kitchen after a long day. I also usually grabbed lunch and ate at my desk. The pizza place one block was typical of my site (carbohydrates and potatoes selected fare).

When I began my quest for health, I had to learn new eating habits and incorporate even refused food in my diet. This obviously did not happen overnight and was not much trial-and-error. The same is going to be true for you, though you can speed up the process by using 8 Easy and effective strategies below to change your taste buds.

1. Find a healthy alternative to some of your favorite foods; sometimes that means just changing out one or two materials (such as replacing butter with olive oil; sugar with honey, stevia or xylitol, sour cream with plain yogurt). Other times there are completely different ways to spice up your old recipes, like change very fattening cheesecake with tofu cheesecake (trust me, it tastes much much better than it sounds and I’ve fooled a lot of people with tofu chocolate cheesecake my recipe).

2. Find new ways to cook fresh foods that are less fattening or nutrient-robbing. After the transition from canned vegetables to fresh or frozen, I had to learn to sail vegetables instead of boiling them. I got a steamer for Christmas about 8 years ago and would not be without one now (it also makes a great long-cooking rice, too).

3. Learn to season food with natural and low-fat / low-cal. Option as herbs (fresh or dried), garlic, olive oil (remember, only cold-pressed olive oil and unrefined nut / seed oils), curry, vinegar & reduction, etc. You can find a lot of resources in specialty cookbooks or online. Look for things like “cooking with herbs” or “healthy spices.”

4. Train your taste buds by having a small amount of some of the less desirable, but not breathable, the foods you want to be able to enjoy (for me, it was like broccoli, fresh green beans, tomatoes, salad and fish that they could ‘t come breaded sticks or fried). Your taste buds will get used to them over time (especially if you find some great spices). Now I really like (vs. resistant) these foods. If I – one of the pickiest eaters of all time – can do it, so can you (but I’m not sure I’ll ever get over mushroom phobia)

5 .. Mix less liked food with you do the same, so you do not taste like much. Also, be willing to try something new once in a while, especially if it’s cheap and you can mix it with other foods you want. This is how I learned to like broccoli, tomatoes, quinoa, brown rice, salad and many other foods.

6. Try new foods when you’re eating out in a restaurant (have a taste of something that someone else at the table ordered) or in someone’s house. If you want it, ask for the recipe (harder to get the recipe at the restaurant, but not impossible). The first time I tried Ceasar salad I absolutely loved it! It’s still my favorite (reduced fat dressing versions).

7. Try using “mental reconditioning” techniques, such as hypnosis, NLP or EFT to help change the perception and attitude about food. I have experienced it and so have my clients. You can find books, CD or YouTube videos for hypnosis or EFT to focus on this, or you can work with a professional trained in this technique.

8. Experiment with healthy recipes that have content you want when (or at least tolerate). Below are some good ways to get you started

Cookbooks OR BOOKS with good recipes :.

* Debrah’s Natural Gourmet Cookbook, Debrah Stark

* The Fat Flush Cookbook, Anne-Louise Gitta Leman

* Eat to Beat Cancer, J. Robert Hatherhill , PhD.

* Power Foods, Stephanie Beling, MD

* Flax for life, Jade Beutler

Website RESOURCES (more than just great recipes, have these pages full of useful information about food

http :. // freedomyou.com Click on the Recipes tab

http://www.omeganutrition.com Click on the Recipes tab

The Healthy Living page at msn dot com also has great recipes section.

Of course, there are many more out there. See what you can find to help you make the transition from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to the one that keeps you healthy, happy, energized, and cut!


October 17th, 2015

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